Ammon Cunningham Loves Capitol Reef National Park

As far as travel blogger and avid traveler Ammon Cunningham is concerned, Utah is not just his home, it is also chock full of great destinations that should delight travelers from all over the world. Because he enjoys sharing what he knows about Utah tourism, he wants to tell you about Capitol Reef National Park. Located less than 100 miles from Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef is almost exactly what it sounds like. Its main feature is a reef-like wall of banded sandstone that rises from the Fremont River.

As the most impressive section of what is called the Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park’s scenery is nothing short of spectacular and features canyons, rock spires, cliff walls, arches, and gorges. With all of that, the photographer and the hiker will find the park irresistible. The Waterpocket Fold is the largest geological flexure, which is an S-shaped fold of the strata, in the United States. There are also many strange rock formations and chimneys that have been carved out by erosion, as well as rock paintings from the Indian Fremont culture.

The Popular Park City, Utah by Ammon Cunningham

Traveling the world is an exciting career and anyone that can make that a part of their lives can be very fulfilled through the discovery of new places and new things. Ammon Cunningham is an active blogger and traveler. His biggest enjoyment is rooted in writing about his travel destinations. He has traveled all over the world and one of his favorite travel destination is Utah.

Utah is a beautiful travel destination and a wonderful place to live. If you have visited Utah, you have noticed that there are a plethora of outdoor sites to visit. In addition to the amazing outdoor tours, there are also indoor sites to explore such as the ever popular Park City. Park City is one of the top attractions to enjoy in Utah and Ammon Cunningham has spent a great deal of time there enjoying all that it has to offer. This resort area is well known for skiing and snowboarding, but because of its sleek environment, it is also popular year-round for its other aspects such as more than 400 miles of well developed trails through the woods for hiking or biking as well as seasonal concerts and plays that entertain the masses.
There is also the Historic Main Street open to walk around for some local cuisine and shopping. All of these different aspects of Park City, Utah have led Ammon Cunningham to come back again and again.

Ammon Cunningham on Dinosaur National Monument

Blogger and avid traveler Ammon Cunningham would like you to know that his home state of Utah is full of all sorts of great travel destinations for travelers from all over the world.

For example, one of the most popular areas in the state is Dinosaur National Monument. No, you won’t find the prehistoric creatures walking around; this isn’t a movie. However, the park’s name is derived from the spectacular number of fossils that have been found there. Many such fossils can be found embedded in the cliff wall of Carnegie Quarry. There were so many there and the area became so popular that Quarry Hall was built right over top of a section of the rock, which allows tourists a chance to see them comfortably and at close range.

Ammon Cunningham does note, however, that Dinosaur National Monument is not just about the fossils. Those are great, but many people come just for the beautiful scenery. Besides amazing rock formations, there are also lots of mountain views and rivers. Among the most popular activities at the park include hiking, kayaking, river rafting, and camping of all types. This is a great park to visit, whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or you just want to see some fossils.