Ammon Cunningham Loves Capitol Reef National Park

As far as travel blogger and avid traveler Ammon Cunningham is concerned, Utah is not just his home, it is also chock full of great destinations that should delight travelers from all over the world. Because he enjoys sharing what he knows about Utah tourism, he wants to tell you about Capitol Reef National Park. Located less than 100 miles from Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef is almost exactly what it sounds like. Its main feature is a reef-like wall of banded sandstone that rises from the Fremont River.

As the most impressive section of what is called the Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park’s scenery is nothing short of spectacular and features canyons, rock spires, cliff walls, arches, and gorges. With all of that, the photographer and the hiker will find the park irresistible. The Waterpocket Fold is the largest geological flexure, which is an S-shaped fold of the strata, in the United States. There are also many strange rock formations and chimneys that have been carved out by erosion, as well as rock paintings from the Indian Fremont culture.